What Classes Do You Have to Take to Earn a Real Estate License?


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Common classes necessary to receive a real estate license cover property law, tax law, state and county zoning codes, and the different types of buildings. Every state has different education requirements for earning a real estate license, on top of passing a certification exam, though most focus on the total classroom hours rather than the content.

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What Classes Do You Have to Take to Earn a Real Estate License?
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In addition to the different state requirements for real estate education, most states allow for different learning methods that count towards these requirements, such as online programs, community college classes or private real estate training schools. Each organization offers different courses that cover various aspects of the real estate industry, though most include similar options that focus on both the general concepts as well as the specific laws within that state. It is common for these schools to offer courses that cover the differences between property types, such as residential buildings versus commercial buildings.

Other courses may cover the federal and state regulations for purchasing and selling a property, including the necessary paperwork to file with different organizations. Similarly, many schools teach courses that cover the different types of taxation that occur both on existing properties as well as those undergoing a sale. Some schools may also offer classes that cover sales techniques and best practices for operating a real estate business, rather than technical training courses.

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