How Do You Claim a W-4 Withholding From Past Years?


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File an amended tax return to claim W-4 withholding from a previous year’s taxes, according to the Internal Revenue Service. File the amended return using Form 1040X. You cannot claim withholding from a previous year on a return for the current year.

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In some cases, the IRS catches errors in math on returns and corrects them without the additional forms or an amended return. However, the taxpayer must file the amended return when there is a change in income, filing status, deductions or credits, states the IRS. The additional withholding likely indicates a change in both income and credits.

Unless the taxpayer has already filed an amended return, he lists the information from his original return in column A. In column B, he lists any changes to the return. In column C, he lists the differences, reports the IRS.

Because of the change in income, you may have a refund due or owe more taxes, explains the IRS. Taxpayers due a refund can check their status through the IRS website. Any adjustments to the federal tax form can also affect taxpayer’s state income tax liability. Check with your state tax commission to learn how to file an amended state return.

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