How Do You Claim Unclaimed Property in Texas?


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To claim unclaimed property in Texas, find the property in the Texas state unclaimed property database and submit a claim form, reports the Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts. Along with the form, provide documentation to substantiate your claim.

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To conduct an online search of the Texas unclaimed property database, go to the main page at Comptroller.Texas.gov, and select E-Services in the toolbar before clicking on Search Unclaimed Property. Then, scroll down to click on the blue Search Unclaimed Property bar, explains the Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts. Provide your name or business name, and click Search.

Alternatively, Search by mail, fax or phone using the provided contact information. On finding a match, the unclaimed property office mails you an original owner, general, business or multiple corporation claim form. Return the completed form to the office, as the Texas Comptroller of Public accounts instructs.

The form lists the documents you need to submit with the claim, according to the Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts. These may include ID for the original owner of the property and the claimant, address verification, death certificate and will of a decedent property owner as well as any other documents related to the property. If you do not have all the needed documents, send the completed form and a copy of your ID. After reviewing your request, the office may ask for further information. The search and inquiry service is free, but the office charges a handling fee if it verifies and approves your claim.

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