What Are Some Civilian Jobs Available in Iraq?


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Civilian jobs in Iraq include positions in fields such as education, financing, engineering, construction and medicine, across multiple locations and in various capacities. Many private companies and military contractors also offer a wide range of protection positions, ranging from minor roles as security guards or safety technicians to armed guards and combat roles.

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The nature of civilian contracting jobs in Iraq depends on the company offering the position, though most focus on helping the country rebuild its infrastructure and recover from the effects of the war. Some companies hire civilians to work as educators, teaching Iraqi children in local schools or similar settings. Many companies also hire civilians to train adults in a variety of jobs to help them find work and become capable of maintaining services after the military and aid organizations leave. Many companies also hire engineers, electricians, plumbers and other construction workers to help physically rebuild cities and create new establishments.

Doctors, nurses and related medical professionals also have access to a wide range of civilian jobs within the country, working with local citizens as well as military entities and other contractors. Due to the volatile nature of certain regions, many private protection firms offer jobs to civilians to help in different ways. Some companies hire guards to protect work sites or new businesses, whereas other companies work directly with the military to participate in combat missions.

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