What Is a City Manager Plan?

city-manager-plan Credit: tillsonburg/E+/Getty Images

According to Regents Prep, the city manager plan involves the hire of an administrator by the city council to manage the departments of a city government. This form of municipal governance is in contrast to the election of a city mayor.

According to the Ohio Revised Code, the city council holds the city manager responsible for performing job duties. The city manager is an employee of the city council. As the administrator for the municipality, the city manager handles budget issues, has the power to hire and fire employees, and promotes economic growth within the city. Some city councils require more restraint regarding the powers and duties of the city manager. A city manager plan is intended to increase efficiency in government. Instead of or in addition to electing a mayor who may not have the experience to administer municipal tasks, the city council appoints a professional, usually from the private sector, to run the municipality. This appointment removes any political infighting surrounding the position and allows the city manager to focus on the duties of the job.

Many municipalities in the United States use a city manager plan instead of or in addition to a mayoral plan. The city manager plan hails in popularity from the early 1900s.