What Are the Best Cities for Young People to Live In?


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The best cities for young people to live in are Akron, Ohio; Dayton, Ohio; and Buffalo, New York, according to TheStreet in 2015. These cities combine affordable home prices and salaries that are above or just a little below what young people elsewhere make.

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Akron offers both housing affordability and above-average wages for Millennials, explains TheStreet. The average young person, classified as 23 to 34 years old, makes about $55,000, putting houses of about $300,000 within reach. The median home price in Akron is $119,000. For big-city experiences, Cleveland is only 30 miles away. Dayton, another affordable city, has a bit below-average income rate for Millennials but a typical home value of only $99,200.

Buffalo offers a median annual income for Millennials that's a bit above the area's household income in general, explains TheStreet. The city's typical home value of $123,700 is 30 percent lower than home values in large areas, making it a great place for young people. Scranton, Pennsylvania, is another good city for young people. The median home price there is $107,300, helping offset the fact that annual incomes for young people in Scranton are about 9 percent below norms in bigger cities. Millennials who make about $44,600 have homes up to about $249,000 within reach.

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