What Are Some Cities That We Energies Serves?


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Cities that We Energies serves include Milwaukee, Kenosha and Racine. We Energies serves select areas in Wisconsin and Michigan's upper peninsula. It offers electricity and natural gas, as well as both services in some regions.

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In addition to its standard electricity and natural gas services, We Energies provides steam to select locations. Most steam power is provided to the Milwaukee area. The company maintains 16 miles of steam piping to provide this service.

We Energies derives over 50 percent of its electricity from coal. Over 25 percent of its electricity comes from natural gas, and 14 percent is nuclear energy purchased from other sources. Other types of electrical generation utilized by We Energies include renewable sources and oil. Less than 4 percent of its non-nuclear electricity is purchased from other markets.

The company serves more than 2 million customers in Wisconsin and more than 28,000 customers in the upper peninsula of Michigan. It employs more than 4,200 people and provides electricity and gas to both residential and commercial accounts. Its network of gas pipelines is over 20,000 miles long, and its electric distribution network is more than 45,000 miles long. Approximately half of its electrical lines are underground, while the other half are overhead lines.

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