How Do You Take the Cisco Certified Network Associate Exam?

Take the Cisco Certified Network Associate exam by creating an account with Pearson Vue at, locating the Cisco page on the site and registering for an exam at a nearby testing facility, as of 2016. Some exams are also available on participating military bases, and the only requirements for taking the exam are to provide a valid form of identification and parental consent for students under the age of 18.

The Cisco Certified Network Associate exam allows network engineers to provide proof of knowledge in relation to basic networking concepts and the use of various pieces of Cicso technology. Cicso offers various information regarding the topics that appear in the exam on its site,, as well as links to courses at accredited schools and training institutions that cover all the concepts and a practical implementation of the skills. Attendance or completion of such a course is not necessary to take the certification test.

When a student is ready to take the exam, she registers for an account at by providing personal and contact information, creating a username and password and answering additional questions according to the company's policies. After account registration, a user can search the system for the Cisco Certified Network Associate exam and sign up for a course as soon as the same day, according to availability and testing schedules.