How Do You Get Cisco ASA Training?

How Do You Get Cisco ASA Training? and offer access to Cisco ASA training. As of 2015, only offers the Implementing Advanced Cisco ASA Security product training. Prerequisites to attend the training require previous completion of the current firewall v2.0 certification or the Core Cisco ASA Security course. provides onsite Cisco ASA training for private team training. The website allows users to request a quote since the training program is mainly intended for small or large groups.

The Implementing Advanced Cisco ASA Security training is an instructor-led course that provides updated training with labs on the features of Cisco ASA. The course features objectives that explain the features of the Cisco ASA 5500-X firewalls and installation setups. Training is available for Cisco employees and customers, including nine modules to study over the course of five days. offers online enrollment to both onsite and virtual classrooms. offers a Cisco ASA training workshop with hands-on lab exercises. Attendees must have already completed the website’s Cisco Router Fundamentals workshop or have equivalent knowledge. The training takes place over two days, and the instructors assist students work involving troubleshooting and managing configurations. The training features 11 modules, and class schedules include morning and afternoon sessions.