What Is a CIPD Qualification?

A CIPD qualification denotes and confirms membership to the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development. The qualification is a professional accreditation for those involved in human resource management. CIPD qualifications are available at foundation, intermediate and advanced levels.

The foundation CIPD qualification requires 120 hours of self-study and classwork. The qualification takes roughly nine months to earn and signifies the basic level of knowledge required to pursue a career in learning and development or human resources management.

The Intermediate CIPD qualification covers broader aspects of learning and development or human resources management, along with specific areas, such as resourcing and mentoring. This qualification is established at the undergraduate level and requires eight- or nine-day training cycles.

The advanced CIPD qualification is sought by those interested in consultancy or managerial roles within the field of learning and development or human resources management. This qualification denotes “Chartered” status and takes between nine months to a year to procure.

The Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development is an independent nonprofit organization committed to championing better work environments by accrediting and awarding professional qualifications. An individual who earns a CIPD qualification is recognized as displaying significant professional and academic merits. The qualification confirms to employers that the holder possesses a high degree of knowledge concerning human resource management and other core skills necessary for instituting and maintaining and organization’s HR practices and policies.