What Does a Cinematographer Do?


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A cinematographer uses cameras, lighting and angles to help put a story into images. A cinematographer is able to use a variety of cameras and focus on the use of cameras in a particular situation.

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Many people think of a cinematographer as someone who simply records, translates and edits videos. This is not the case because cinematographers are expected to use a variety of cameras. Most are trained on 35mm, digital and video cameras. They are able to operate the cameras and help to transform them from film into memories for people. They are a combination of photographers and authors.

Effective cinematographers will understand how to create a story from start to finish. They will be able to discuss what their subjects want from the camera's angle and to decide the best avenues for creating the story They will be able to create beautiful imagery effectively and combine it into a finished product. While shooting a scene or a photo is important to a cinematographer, using the necessary tools, such as editing software, is equally important for the finished product that is the purpose behind a cinematography piece.

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