What Is the Cigna Network Rewards Program?


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The Cigna Network Rewards Program is a free program that offers discounts and other perks to dentists who are members of the Cigna Dental network. The program includes discounts from various vendors in numerous categories, such as education, health and wellness, dental labs, website development and practice management solutions, according to Cigna Health and Life Insurance Company.

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All Cigna Dental network dentists are enrolled automatically in the Cigna Network Rewards Program. The discounts are available from numerous participants that are not members of Cigna. These discounts can help dentists get better access to health and wellness programs for themselves and their employees. They can also purchase equipment and supplies to enhance their business at affordable rates.

As the vendors are not affiliated with Cigna, the company is not responsible for the quality or condition of the products purchased by dentists, as stated by Cigna. Cigna provides the vendors with a list of names and addresses of the dentists registered with the Cigna Dental network, and dentists are responsible to contact any of the vendors they are interested in doing business with regarding any change of address or phone number. Cigna also notes that the vendors and discounts are subject to change without notice.

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