What Is the Cigna Health Care PPO Network?

What Is the Cigna Health Care PPO Network?

The Cigna health care preferred provider organization, or PPO network, is a nationwide network of hospitals and health care professionals that has been approved to provide services to individuals with Cigna health insurance. Eligible persons are able to visit any provider in the PPO network without the need for a referral.

The PPO network is all of the hospitals, doctors, labs and other health care facilities that Cigna has contracted with to provide health services to its customers. In most cases, the services are cheaper when a customer uses a provider within the Cigna network.

Cigna Dental also offers its own PPO network, which is the largest dental preferred provider organization in the United States.

Cigna was formed in 1982 after the merger of two other health insurance companies. One of these two companies was the Insurance Company of North America, which was founded in 1792 and was the first stock insurance company in the United States. As of 2015, Cigna provides health insurance to more than 75 million customers in 30 different countries. The company has approximately 35,000 employees and is headquartered in Bloomfield, Connecticut.

Cigna has made negative headlines several times over the years, including when it was investigated for earnings manipulation in 2002, and also in 2007 when it refused to cover the liver transplant for a 16-year-old girl. The company is quite famous for its claim denials, as it denies nearly 40 percent of claims, whereas many of its competitors deny less than 10 percent of claims.