How Do You Find Church Property for Lease?


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To find a church property for lease, check local newspapers, Internet adverts and real estate guides for any listings in your area. Alternately, contact your city's Chamber of Commerce for buildings not yet advertised to the public.

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If you know of a local church that has outgrown its current facilities and is moving to a larger building, contact its administration office and ask for details concerning how it is handling the original property. If there is an opportunity to rent the building from the church, be willing to negotiate a monthly or weekly payment for use of the building. If you are not finding any established church buildings, consider using a nontraditional building, such as a store front building, a warehouse, a theater or a night club. Often, these types of facilities are looking for ways to earn income from their properties in off business hours.

In addition to regularly checking with a Chamber of Commerce, consider hiring a real estate agent or a property management group to locate potential facilities. Be prepared to offer a reasonable fee to any agent who is helping you find a rental property. Do not pass up a building if it is listed as a sale. If the building does not seem to be actively used, have your agent contact the property owners to discuss a rental contract that benefits them, as well. Renting an unused property lowers the risk for vandalism and damage to that property, as long as the facilities are maintained and used regularly.

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