What Is a Church Administrator’s Job Description?

A church administrator is responsible for the business aspects of running the church, including human resources, budget and financial administration, ensuring compliance with local regulations and laws, public liaison, and risk management. Ideally, the church administrator should not also serve as pastor.

As the pastor attends to the spiritual needs of the church body, the church administrator deals with the day-to-day running of the church as a business entity. The church administrator allows the pastor to minister without being burdened by administration and building maintenance. This does not exempt the church administrator from being spiritually mature. It is necessary for the church administrator to have exemplary communication skills as the administrator serves as the church’s public information officer, serves as a liaison between the pastor and staff, and handles human resources activities, such as hiring, training, counseling, discipline and firing. The administrator should have accounting or other financial training.

The church administrator should be committed to the church and the ministry of the church. The administrator’s goal should be to maintain the interests of the church and proactively attend to matters of liability of the church or the pastor. The church administrator is also privy to confidential information and should maintain discretion and confidentiality as necessary.