How Do You Get a Chrysler Excellence Card?


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The Chrysler Excellence Prepaid MasterCard is mailed to dealership personnel after their first successful sale of a qualified Chrysler vehicle, as stated by The Bancorp Bank. The card is part of a monetary rewards program for salespersons and managers who sell Chrysler vehicles or make a large number of sales.

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The card is mailed between 7 and 10 days after the salesperson's first earned payment date. Payments are loaded onto the card electronically on the first and third Wednesday of each month. Keep the card after receiving it because any future payments will be loaded onto that same card, according to The Bancorp Bank.

If the card never arrives, confirm the accuracy of the home address listed under "My Personnel" on DealerCONNECT at Chrysler.com. If it is incorrect, the card may have been sent to the wrong address. Contact the dealership's systems coordinator to have the address updated to reflect the correct one. It may also be necessary to request The Bancorp Bank to send a new card to the updated address. If so, call 888-887-6192 to request a new replacement card. For this new card, the program charges a $10 fee if a previous card has already been sent out, as of 2015.

After receiving the rewards card, activate it online or through the phone and select a PIN number. Use the card at businesses where MasterCard is accepted.

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