How Do You Choose a UniMac Industrial Washer Extractor?


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When choosing a UniMac industrial washer extractor, consider the amount of use the machine receives on a daily basis as well as the industry that the machine services. Operators of large hotels or correctional institutions and those in the commercial laundry business typically require more highly performing industrial washing machine models.

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Owners or operators of small hotels, fire houses or midsized nursing homes generally require a mid-performance industrial washer. Because these types of businesses do not require the super high G-force extraction provided by high-performance machines, owners can take advantage of the low cost of ownership of UniMac's mid-performance washers. These machines reduce utility costs for business owners, but UniMac recommends that they only operate for seasonal or part-time functions, rather than everyday use.

For business owners who run smaller companies such as spas or athletic facilities, UniMac suggests the cabinet hard-mount washer extractor as the most economical and efficient option. Designed to perform fewer cycles than their mid-performance and high-performance counterparts, these washers still perform the cleaning duties with quality and speed. These cabinet hard-mount washer extractors are more affordable as well, but UniMac warns that they may not perform as well through continuous uses with multiple laundry loads.

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