How Do You Choose a Secure Storage Unit?


To choose a secure storage unit, determine the desired security features and do plenty of research. Compile a list of nearby storage facilities, and ask specifics about the units, facility and overall security features.

Security features provided by storage facilities vary based on the location. There are many different features to look into. For starters, there are some simple security features the storage facility should have. This includes having an electronic gate that requires an electronic card or passcode to enter, and proper lighting to deter thieves. Having on-site staff and security at all times of the day and night is also a good feature to ask about.

There are also some other features that are optional, but highly recommended if high-value items are being stored in the unit. Some facilities offer alarmed units, giving customers the option of paying more for a unit with extra security. If someone breaks in, the renter of the unit and the owner of the facility get an alert. Video surveillance is also provided in some storage facilities.

When renting a storage unit, bring a high-quality padlock instead of using one provided by the storage facility. Hardware stores sell many high-security locks that are almost impossible for someone to break into without a key or passcode if it is electronic. Also ask the storage facility what type of insurance coverage it offers, just in case a break-in does happen.