How Do You Choose the Right Career?


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The first step to choosing the right career is assessing your natural talents, including those things you do well and like to do. Look for jobs that incorporate these skills, and consider these jobs in terms of your expectations for work/life balance, working environment, location and earning potential.

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How Do You Choose the Right Career?
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Self-reflection is key to choosing the right career. Ask yourself whether you find public speaking scary or invigorating, how you feel about stress and deadlines, and whether you prefer working as part of a team or independently.

Clarity about your own personality and motivations are essential when reviewing the pros and cons of various career paths. If structure and security are important to you, avoid jobs in fast-paced industries like technology or social media. These industries, however, may be appearling if work that involves constant change and opportunities for advancement is important to you.

Talk with others about their work and their evaluation of your skills. Learn firsthand about the reality of different working environments and the demands and rewards of different jobs to learn what you might find satisfying.

Avoid setting limits on your potential based on insecurity or self-doubt. Identifying the right career and pursuing it with passion provides the power to overcome many roadblocks.

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