How Do You Choose Rental Space for a Daycare Center?


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Choose a rental space for a day care center by first determining if the space can legally hold a child care center, recommends Child Care Aware. Legal criteria differ between running a day care facility from a home and running one from a commercial child care center. Other considerations include accessibility for people with disabilities, whether the neighborhood is safe, and proximity to public transportation.

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Legal factors to consider when choosing a commercial rental property for a day care center include requirements in the Americans with Disabilities Act, appropriate fall-zone materials that help prevent injury in play spaces, and whether the facility meets with fire safety standards, states Child Care Ware. Potential operators of day care facilities must also consider local zoning laws that may prohibit child care centers in certain areas.

When deciding on the size of the space, child care providers should also consider state laws regarding the caretaker-to-child ratio, recommends Swift Spaces. Other things to consider when choosing a rental facility include deciding between a multi-use building or a free-standing structure. A multi-use building may provide built-in clientele if the employees of other in-house businesses need childcare, while a free-standing structure could provide more space for activities.

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