How Do You Choose a Real Estate School?

How Do You Choose a Real Estate School?

To choose a real estate school, locate a program accredited by the state Real Estate Commission or Licensing Board, and review the school's reputation, curriculum, cost and training options. Choose a well-established school that best meets your financial, time-frame and learning requirements.

  1. Locate accredited real estate programs

    Visit the Real Estate Commission or Licensing Board website for your state. From there, locate the list of accredited training programs and institutions in your area.

  2. Review the reputation of various schools

    Once you've identified accredited programs in your area, research the reputation of the schools that interest you. Contact active real estate agents to inquire about specific schools, or search online for school reviews.

  3. Consider your training options

    Review requirements for each school's training method, and choose the institution that fits best with your schedule and desired completion date.

  4. Research the program fees and packages

    Review the tuition costs, and decide how you want to fund your education and pay for your license.

  5. Review the institution's graduation and job placement rate

    Contact prospective schools to inquire about graduate job placement rates. Sometimes, the most reputable programs have a high post-training employment percentage. If possible, attend a school that offers job placement assistance upon graduation.