How Do You Choose a Performance Review Sample That Suits Your Organization?


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Choose a performance review sample that suits your organization by identifying the key elements you wish to cultivate within your employees and locating a form that reflects these traits. It is also helpful to focus on separate performance review forms for different employee levels, such as managers versus associates.

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The first step to identifying the proper performance review samples is to outline the aspects of the job in question that matter most, weeding out positions that do not line up with these values. For example, if the daily tasks of your employees do not focus on sales, avoid any review samples that contain sections referencing sales quotas or interactions with clients. Alternately, if many of your employees regularly interact with your customers, then seek samples that focus on communication, issue resolution and customer satisfaction.

It is also important to distinguish performance reviews between employee levels. The performance review for an associate should center around understanding her job and how she may grow within the company. Alternately, her manager's performance evaluation needs to grade the way she handles the operations of her team, as well as how effective those under her feel she is at her job. In all cases, make sure the criteria are directly relevant to your business and include wording and phrasing that is easy for all employees to understand.

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