How Do You Choose a Mail Sorter?


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To choose a mail sorter, consider an open or closed mail sorter, or a mail sorting machine with accessories to make sorting mail easier. The correct mail sorter significantly reduces the amount of time it takes to handle mail.

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Open mail sorters are available in different sizes and are ideal for places where privacy is not an issue. These types of mail sorters are made of multiple pigeon holes with no locks or doors.

Closed mail sorters are commonly used in places where each cabin hole is designated to a specific person. The pigeon holes typically have doors and locks where each owner uses a key to access their designated slot. The pigeon holes usually have slits for inserting mail.

Mail sorting machines sort mail based on pre-selected specifications. These are ideal for large companies that handle large amounts of mail such as catalogs and newsletters. The machines help to make mail delivery quicker and cheaper because postal services usually give priority and discounts to pre-sorted outgoing mail. The machine may sort mail by zip code among other specifications.

Mail sorting accessories may include inserters, conveyor belts, dryers and sealers. Although these accessories are not mandatory, they help to streamline the sorting process. One may add accessories after determining the work demands of the equipment.

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