How Do You Choose Health Insurance?

How Do You Choose Health Insurance?

In order to choose health insurance, an individual needs to determine what individual plans cover, how much the plans cost and which hospitals and doctors are included with the plan. An individual should also consider health insurance rankings before deciding on a plan.

  1. Determine what the plan covers

    Older health insurance plans may not cover certain services that newer plans cover such as prescription drugs, emergency services, hospitalizations, rehabilitation services, pediatric services and mental health treatments. Anyone who is supplied insurance through his employer should check to see which services are and are not covered under their plan. It is best to look at the Summary of Benefits and Coverage in order to determine what the employer's plan covers.

  2. Figure out how much the plan costs

    Insurance premiums can be paid in monthly installments or out-of-pocket whenever an individual requires medical care. Generally, the higher the premium an individual pays month-to-month, the less he has to pay whenever he needs medical attention. Individual plans are usually classified in tiers with the lowest tier having the lowest premiums and the highest tier having the highest premiums.

  3. Determine which doctors and hospitals are included with the plan

    If an individual has a preferred doctor, laboratory or hospital that isn't included in the health insurance plan he is considering, then the insurance company may not cover the costs incurred from a visit to that facility or physician. It is important to consider this when choosing a health insurance plan.