How Do You Choose a Hay Baler for a Small Tractor?


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To choose a hay baler for a small tractor, first look at what size baler fits the tractor, and then decide if a round or square baler is best for the application. There are advantages to each type of baler.

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One advantage of a round baler is that is has a very low power requirement and usually only requires about 15 horsepower. These balers are light in weight, so small tractors can easily pull them, and they have a simple design that does not require many adjustments. These balers operate smoothly, are small in size and are resistant to weather such as dew or rain. However, the bale capacity is smaller, and it does not cover as much ground as a square baler.

A square baler has several advantages too, one being a high baling capacity. Since it does not have to stop and tie or wrap the hay as it bales, it can make more bales than a round baler in the same time frame. Additionally, a square baler makes bales that are easy to handle and stack, and these balers tend to have a higher resale value, as most customers like the ease of use. However, a square bale easily absorbs dew and rain, which requires dry-out time, and they may not be appropriate for a tractor that is less than 2,000 pounds.

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