How Do You Choose the Best Dividend-Paying Stock to Buy for Under $15?


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To choose the best dividend for under $15, a person can visit the official NASDAQ dividend website and filter the data table by stock price. While considering the options, it helps to view the dividend ratio and dividend rate for the respective stock, as noted by the Houston Chronicle.

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The official NASDAQ website contains numerous filtration options, including current dividend yield, current stock price, annual dividend, ex-div date and pay date. These figures are updated in real time when the stock market is open. The current price heading can be sorted from smallest to largest, and from there a visitor can view all stocks that are actively trading for under $15 per share, as listed on the official NASDAQ website.

NASDAQ refers to both an exchange and a composite index, as stated by About.com. Stocks that make up this index are from the technology and banking sectors. Investors use the NASDAQ index to gauge the overall health of the economy. Dividend yield is calculated as annual dividend divided by current stock price, explains the Houston Chronicle. This metric is an indicator of earnings, listed as a percentage of stock price, that are being distributed back to shareholders. Dividend rate is the sum of all dividends paid over a particular period and is also known as the payout rate.

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