How Do You Choose Dekalb Seeds?


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Use Ag Seed Select's website to choose Dekalb seeds. Choose from either the view local agronomist guides option or the view full product library option and, when prompted, enter in the ZIP code of the area you plan to plant to receive a list of appropriate seeds.

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Ag Seed Select uses two factors to determine the type of Dekalb seeds needed for their customers. It first considers the size of the planting operation. Then, from the geographical data gathered by the submission of the user's ZIP code, it determines the best seeds to grow in the customer's particular climate and soil quality.

Dekalb produces seeds for several types of corn, including winter and spring canola. It also offers alfalfa and sorghum seeds. Both brands of corn, as well as the alfalfa, are considered Roundup Ready.

Dekalb seeds are a product of the Monsanto company. It focuses on sustainable agriculture and the empowerment of farmers, no matter the size of their yield. By providing broad licensing standards, Monsanto is able to provide its technology to other companies so that its products can be distributed worldwide. The company's main seed brands include vegetables, fruit, oilseeds, cotton and corn. Monsanto is also the producer of leading herbicide Roundup as well as other herbicides commonly used by farmers, gardeners and landscapers.

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