What Is a Child Care Specialist?


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A child care specialist is an education professional who takes care of children in preschools, children's homes, child care centers and, at times, private homes. Child care specialists provide a safe environment for the children they supervise. Part of this supervision includes education assistance and organization of daily activities. These specialists also perform a variety of tasks including dressing, feeding, bathing, communicating with parents, overseeing play and teaching social skills.

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Child care specialists may work with a single child or groups of children. They spend their time engaging children to ensure their safety, personal growth and development. In a preschool setting, they give assistance to teachers in tasks such as teaching. A child care professional also prepares snacks and drinks for children, ensures that they are aware of personal hygiene and attends to any of their basic needs. Specialists who work with children above kindergarten level also may provide homework help. They communicate with parents on a regular basis about the advancement of their children. They also may discipline children or recommend measures to control certain behavior. Typically, a child care specialist is charged with the responsibility of caring, preparing children for future interactions and ensuring personal growth of the children.

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