How Do You Help Your Child Become a Child Actor?


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Help your child become an actor or actress by taking them to obtain professional headshots, enrolling them in acting classes and visiting casting calls for movies, television shows or commercials in your area. Also make sure that you and the child understand the pressures and requirements of acting, thoroughly read all contracts before signing them and explore smaller roles and theater options.

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Becoming a child actor requires a great deal of preparation and diligence to obtain roles, but it also carries many additional challenges that can disrupt the normal growth and educational process for a child. As such, parents need to discuss these factors with the child and devise a plan to ensure that she does not miss school during the process. After creating the plan, enroll the child in acting classes to help her learn about the different techniques for film and stage acting and gain practice in memorizing lines.

During this process, take the child to a professional photographer to get a headshot, which is a photo to submit to casting calls and agencies along with her resume. If the child does not have any previous acting experience, cite her acting classes on the resume, and look for local opportunities such as school plays or community groups to add to it. Take your child to as many open calls as possible to help her get jobs, which builds up her resume and allows her to make contacts for future jobs.

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