What Does the Chief of Staff Do?

chief-staff Credit: Commercial Eye/The Image Bank/Getty Images

A company's Chief of Staff is a top manager in the organization. This person has many responsibilities, including providing excellent leadership, effectively managing workers, overseeing financial and top administrative operations within the organization and working closely with the company's CEO, CFO, President and other top executives in order to shape the organization's future.

Chief of Staff jobs often require business-related graduate degrees and extensive specialized experience. Excellent communication skills and solid leadership skills are also essential. Depending on the industry, individuals in this position might need to regularly conduct staff and board meetings or travel frequently. They might also be put in charge of special projects or specific clients. A Chief of Staff's job can be quite stressful due to the grueling schedule and tight deadlines. A Chief of Staff must also be able to make tough decisions quickly, which can also be stressful.

According to salary.com, the average annual pay for a Chief of Staff in the United States is $145,000. Depending on the industry, someone employed as a Chief of Staff can earn as little as $99,000 per year or well over $200,000 annually. Hospitals, banks, law enforcement agencies and large financial institutions often hire for this position. Many government agencies also hire for this position.