How Is Chemistry Used in Cosmetology?

chemistry-used-cosmetology Credit: Steve Debenport/E+/Getty Images

There are many ways that chemistry is used in cosmetology, including testing the pH level of hair in order to make better product recommendations. Knowing the pH level helps cosmetologists dye hair the correct color and keeps them from damaging hair that they are treating.

Basic chemistry knowledge can help with other hair treatments as well, including curling or straightening. It also helps cosmetologists keep clients safe who may have allergies or sensitivities to specific substances, such as certain ingredients in artificial nails. This knowledge can help a cosmetologist prevent clients from having unwanted negative reactions.

Chemistry can also help a cosmetologist boost sales. Understanding how certain chemicals interact with specific skin types helps cosmetologists better assist clients seeking to cover up flaws. This same knowledge will also help cosmetologists stock products that better cater to a specific client base.

Basic working chemistry is taught in some cosmetology schools and programs, and many industry veterans have a working knowledge of the subject as it applies to their field. While individual states may require a specialized license to provide some chemistry-enhanced services, the demonstration of specific chemistry knowledge can help boost a cosmetologist's reputation as someone able to provide superior service.