How Do Chemical Testing Laboratories Work With Companies?


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Chemical testing laboratories works with companies in different ways, with some helping companies meet regulatory standards for products and others helping to check the health or physical condition of employees. Some chemical testing laboratories also help companies identify unknown substances within compounds or check for impurities within a product.

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Chemical testing laboratories perform a variety of services that revolve around identifying different chemical compositions within a test sample. One frequent way in which such labs work with companies is to ensure that both initial compounds and end products meet state and federal guidelines within the specific industry. For example, an organic food manufacturer may employ a chemical laboratory to test its ingredients ensure that there is no significant trace of pesticides. Similarly, another manufacturer may use the lab to check final food products to ensure there are no harmful amounts of trace elements.

Another frequent way in which chemical testing labs work with companies is to run chemistry panels on employees, such as a drug test. Some companies may also hire the labs to check the chemistry panels of employees when the work involves potential exposure to harmful chemicals. Additionally, food companies sometimes hire chemical testing labs to test patches of products that may have been exposed to harmful chemicals.

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