How Do You Check Your Walmart Gift Card Balance?

Walmart gift card holders can check their balance online at the company's website, Cardholders are able to do so by providing their 16-digit gift card number and four-digit PIN, found on the back of their card.

Not all gift cards have an assigned PIN, according to the company site. If a customer's card does not appear to have a PIN or a scratch-off section under which they may find a PIN, the card's balance cannot be checked online, and the card cannot be used to make purchases on The card can be used in-store or exchanged at any U.S. Walmart or Sam's Club location for a PIN-enabled card.

Customers may also check their card balance over the phone through Walmart's customer service number (888-537-5503), as well as at any Walmart store, according to the company website. Customers have the option of saving up to five gift cards to an account at, allowing them both to have a card readily available upon online checkout as well as to more quickly check their card's balance. The balance provided upon inquiry may not always be up-to-date, and that while purchases are generally reflected immediately after sale, delays can occur in updating the gift card balance in the system.