How Do You Check Stock Prices?


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Current stock prices can be found on most large financial portal sites, such as Yahoo! Finance. Connect to such a site, and input the ticker symbol of the stock price desired. The result is generally the current stock price delayed by 15 minutes.

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Financial portals often offer past stock prices as well as current and past stock index prices. These prices are typically found in line graph form, showing the changing stock price from day to day in a given period. The dates displayed can often be inputted to choose the range, and a specific day may be chosen within the range by clicking on any area of the graph. Specific dates can also often be entered directly into the portal. Once the day is entered, the stock price for that date is displayed.

In addition to stock price, large financial portals also tend to list further information about the stock chosen. This information usually includes highs and lows for the year and quarter containing the stock date, along with the high and low for that particular day. Portals may also display the change from the previous day and the amount of stock traded for that day. Links are also widely available that provide additional information about the stock.

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