How Do You Check the Status of a State Tax Return?

A tax filer can check the status of her state income tax refund by calling her state's department of revenue directly to inquire about tax return status or by accessing a state tax agency's website. These websites generally provide information about the status of a tax return via an online refund tracker.

In order to check the status of a state tax return online, a taxpayer should first determine the name of the organization that is responsible for handling tax returns in her state. This organization is generally known as the Tax Administration Division or Department of Revenue. Tax agency websites usually feature links with titles such as Where's My Refund? or Refund Status that lead to refund trackers.

When checking the status of a state tax return, individuals need to provide personal information, including Social Security number, filing status and the exact amount of the tax refund (if applicable), in order to access tax return information. Information provided must match the information shown on the tax return.

The method used to file a tax return plays a large role in determining when information on the status of the return is made available to the filer. Those who choose to file tax returns electronically are able to access return status more quickly than filers who transmit their income tax returns via mail.