How Do You Check the Status of Your State Income Tax Refund?


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Most tax filers can check the status of their state tax refund through their state's Department of Taxation website, states eFile. State websites will usually only provide information about tax refund status, so filers can't use the sites to check on how much they owe in taxes or other issues.

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Here are the steps to check the status of a state tax refund.

  1. Visit eFile
  2. Go to the eFile website and scroll down to the bottom of the page. Under 'Information' on the lower right hand side, click on "State Information." This takes tax filers to another page with a list of all fifty states and their taxation website links.

  3. Select the desired state
  4. Scroll down the state list and click on the state where the tax refund was filed in the left column. A window will pop up, click on the button with the words, "Where is my State's tax refund?" This takes filers directly to the website page regarding state tax refund status.

  5. Fill in the requested information
  6. Provide the requested information to retrieve information about refund status. Some, such as the Ohio Department of Taxation, only require filers to enter their Social Security Number and birth date. However, other sites require filers to create an online account and login, notes the Alabama Department of Revenue. When the correct information is provided, the website will return a page displaying information about whether the refund has been sent out or not.

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