How Do You Check the Status of a Money Order?


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Check the status of a money order by contacting the distributor of the money order and having the receipt stub handy, states Synonym.com. If you purchased the money order from the U.S. Postal Service, track its status online through the postal service website, according to USPS. Similarly, if you purchased the money order through Western Union, track it online or by calling a customer service line, according to the Western Union website.

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Money orders typically have a customer service phone number printed on the receipt stub, reports Synonym.com. Note that you must contact the issuer, not the retail store where you purchased the money order. For example, purchasing a money order from Wal-Mart requires you to contact the issuer of the money order, such as Western Union, instead of contacting Wal-Mart directly. Some issuers charge a nominal fee to trace a money order, according to USPS.

Options for replacing or reporting a lost or stolen money order do exist if the recipient has not received the money order, yet it has been cashed, according to Synonym.com. If the money order has not been cashed, the issuer can often send a replacement for it within a certain time frame from the date of purchase.

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