How Do You Check the Status of an Arkansas State Tax Refund?

Taxpayers can check the status of an Arkansas state tax refund by signing in at the online Arkansas Taxpayer Access Point or by calling 501-682-1100 or 800-882-9275, reports Taxpayers should wait at least eight weeks after filing before inquiring with the Department of Finance and Administration.

The Arkansas Taxpayer Access Point, referred to as ATAP, is a free Web-based service provided for taxpayers to electronically manage their state tax accounts, notes the Department of Finance and Administration. Interested taxpayers can check online for refunds due from submitted tax returns. Access to the service requires a login ID and password, which taxpayers obtain by providing the required information in the Sign Up section of the website.

If a taxpayer e-filed an accurately completed Arkansas state tax return, her refund is issued within 10 business days after the state Department of Finance and Administration acknowledges receipt of the tax return, claims The average processing time for an accurately completed tax return submitted on paper is four to six weeks from the date of mailing.

The Department of Finance and Administration's Income Tax Section contacts taxpayers who submit returns that have missing attachments, according to These taxpayers are sent correspondence regarding the missing items, and the tax returns cannot be processed until all of the information is received by the state.