How Do You Check the Status of an Amended Tax Return on IRS.gov?


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You can check the status of an amended tax return on IRS.gov by accessing the Where's My Amended Return tool, explains the IRS. You can check the status of an amended return three weeks after you mailed it.

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You may need to file an amended return if there are changes in your filing status, deductions, income or credits. You don't have to amend your return if you discover an error on your original return, as the IRS may correct those returns for you, explains the agency.

When checking the status of your amended return, you need your Social Security number, ZIP code and date of birth. The Where’s My Amended Return provides the status of amended tax returns for the current year as well as three years prior. It generally takes about 16 weeks from the date the IRS receives your amended return for the IRS to process it, according to IRS.gov. Taxpayers cannot access certain amended returns using the status update tool.

Telephone operators cannot provide any additional information while your amended tax return is in the processing phase, reports the IRS, and taxpayers not should call their toll-free number unless the status provided specifically instructs them to do so.

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