How Do You Check the Status of Your 401k Online?

Customers can check the status of their 401(k) retirement savings accounts by identifying their plan administrator, creating an online account and logging in to their accounts, note the Principal and Wells Fargo official websites. Customers can also review their accounts by calling a financial planner through their plan's administrator.

Many companies offer 401(k) retirement savings plans to their employees that are typically administered by third-party organizations. By creating online accounts with these organizations, employees can change their contribution amounts, learn about investment options and associated risks and view current savings amounts, states To check the status of a 401(k) account online, follow the steps below.

  1. Identify the plan administrator
  2. Employers typically offer 401(k) retirement plans through a plan administrator service such as Principal Financial Group, states the company's official website. Review retirement statements or contact the company's human resource department to determine the plan's administrator.

  3. Create an online account
  4. After identifying the plan's administrator, visit the company website to register for an online account. Most websites offer an Enroll or Register Now option through the website home page. Customers typically need personal information such as policy numbers or Social Security numbers to register, and they should contact customer support with any problems.

  5. Log in
  6. Log in to the registered account to review account information.