How Do You Check for a State Tax Refund?

If your state collects income taxes through, you can check the status of your state tax refund at your state's tax refund website. These websites also provide a variety of other information about the specific state's income tax tables and regulations.

The New York State Department of Taxes and Finance site, for example, has a link under the Individuals category labeled Check Tax Refund. Following this link takes you to a page where you input information such as the tax year for the refund, your Social Security number and which form you filed. This brings up information that details the current status of your tax refund check. If you still have not received it, you can sign up for email alerts that let you know when there is a status change in your tax refund check process.

Other states, such as Minnesota, require similar information, as seen in the website for the Minnesota Department of Revenue. After clicking the Where's My Refund? link on the home page, the site takes you to a page where you can input the information. This site offers an option to check not only your current income tax refund status, but also amended returns and property tax filings.