How Do I Check Rental History?

Check rental history by asking the potential tenant to fill out an application that has plenty of space to list all previous landlords, the dates lived in the rental and the contact information for the references. Then contact the landlords to ensure that the information lines up. Additionally, perform a background check to look for evictions.

  1. Review the rental application

    Look over the previous rental section on the application, and ask the potential tenant about any gaps in rentals. In addition to reviewing the dates the tenant was in the rentals and the contact information, look for the amount of rent and the reason the tenant left.

  2. Call the previous landlords

    Call the current landlord, and ask if they are aware that the tenant is leaving the premises. Then call the previous landlords, and ask if the tenant owes them anything, has a history of late payments, caused major damage to the rental or caused any issues with the neighbors. Additionally, ask if the tenant received the deposit back and if she would be welcome there again in the future.

  3. Obtain a background check

    Contact a background check company to look for any financial judgments, specifically evictions that may not be listed on the application.