How Do You Check the Performance Data of Mutual Funds?

How Do You Check the Performance Data of Mutual Funds?

Check the performance data of mutual funds by visiting and accessing its online market overview resource. This website provides users with the performance metrics of various mutual funds based on several criteria, states It should be noted that the performance data presented on is constantly updated and taken based on end-of-day data.

The performance of a particular mutual fund is invariably expressed in relation to the fund's total return, notes This figure is computed by adding the movement in a fund's net asset value, investment profits and dividends within a specific time interval. To check the performance record of various mutual funds, follow the steps provided below.

  1. Visit
  2. Use any Internet-enabled device and open a Web browser. Go to and access the "Mutual Funds Market Overview" page by clicking on Funds located on the home page menu bar.

  3. Choose preferred mutual fund ranking criterion
  4. Locate the different ranking criteria on the right side of the page. Choose preferred category. For instance, obtain the mutual funds ranking chart based on a 12-month percent change by clicking on the "12-Month Leaders" link.

  5. Access the performance data
  6. Click on the Performance link to obtain a list of mutual funds with their corresponding ticker symbol, last traded price, weighted alpha, one-month percent change, three-month percent change and 12-month percent change.