How Do You Check Your Paystubs Online?

Employees at many companies view pay stubs online with the employee self-service system. These systems include a section for payroll, which includes the current and past pay stubs.

Pay stub access requires the employee to log in to the self-service system. Employees receive this information upon hiring. The system usually has a link that refers to payroll or pay stubs.

The specific layout and access procedure varies between different employee self-service systems. Review the directions and descriptions in information provided by your company's payroll or human resources department. In many systems, each past pay stub appears on the list with a clickable link. Pay stubs usually appear once the payroll department processes the checks for the current pay period.

When the user clicks on a specific pay stub, the document appears on the screen. The information is the same as it would appear on a traditional paper pay stub. The system shows the hours worked, gross pay, net pay and all of the deductions for taxes and benefit premiums. The pay stub is often available in a printable format for employees who want a hard copy.

Not all companies use an online self-service program, so pay stubs aren't available online for those employees. Ask your employer if online pay stubs are available for the company.