How Do You Check Your NexisCard Balance?

You can check your NexisCard balance using the company's mobile application, notes Metropolitan Commercial Bank. As of 2015, you can use the company’s text message alert system to get the account balance at any time. You can also log in to the company's website to see the current balance with your registered online account.

To quickly check the card balance on the mobile application, create a user name and password. Make sure your card is active before you register your account, instructs Metropolitan Commercial Bank. Once you've completed the setup, log in with the mobile app. The main page of the application displays the current balance of the card.

Users can set up the NexisCard text messaging service to send updates regarding their balances at no extra cost, according to Metropolitan Commercial Bank. You can request the information as many times as needed. You can also adjust the text message service to alert you of the new balance after every purchase or deposit.

The NexisCard website also requires a user name and password to access the account balance of the card, notes Metropolitan Commercial Bank. Upon logging in to the website, the home screen shows the available balance and charges made to the account. Retail stores that sell the card can also provide NexisCard balances at the register.