How Do You Check a Medicare Claim Status?

The status of a Medicare claim can be checked online by logging in to Claims can be viewed within 24 hours of being processed. The status of a claim is also located on the Medicare Summary Notice, or MSN, which is mailed each quarter to individuals with Original Medicare.

The MSN includes pertinent subscriber information, such as services billed to Medicare Part A and Part B, how much providers charged for services rendered, how much Medicare paid and the maximum amount an individual may have to pay out-of-pocket for the services. Prescription drug claims made with the Medicare Part D plan are found on the Explanation of Benefits summary, which is mailed out only during months when a prescription is filled. The EOB letter includes information on the drug costs along with claims. It is necessary to contact the plan provider for information on claims made under Medicare Part C or other Medicare health plans.

Claims are only filed in very rare cases, as doctors and suppliers are legally required to file Medicare claims when services are performed or supplies are given out. A claim must be filed within 12 months from the date treatment was given, otherwise Medicare cannot provide compensation. If a claim is not filed after additional requests to the doctor or supplier, call Medicare to find out exactly how much time is remaining for a claim to be made and then file.