How Do You Check Medi-Cal Eligibility?


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Individuals who believe they meet Medi-Cal eligibility requirements may apply for coverage and eligibility will be verified when the application is processed. Applicants may apply online at CoveredCa.com, by completing a mail-in application form or by visiting a local human services agency for assistance, according to Covered California.

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There are a number of ways an individual may qualify for Medi-Cal, according to the California Department of Health Care Services. Eligibility requirements are generally based on age and income, but certain classes of people are also eligible.

The income threshold for qualification is based on family size and yearly income, per DHCS. The income limit for a single person is $16,105 per year as of January 2015, and the limit increases by $5,603 for each additional family member. Individuals who are under 21 or over 65 also qualify for Medi-Cal. Other covered classes of people include those who are pregnant, blind, disabled or who reside in a nursing or assisted living facility.

Additionally, individuals in the state on refugee status for a limited time may be eligible, states DHCS. Adults or caretaker relatives who care for a child under 21 may qualify if: the parent is deceased or does not live with the child, if the parent is incapacitated or if the parent is unemployed or underemployed. Lastly, individuals who are currently enrolled in certain other state programs are eligible for Medi-Cal.

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