How Do You Check Your Lakeside Order Status?

Check your Lakeside order status on Lakeside's official website utilizing the Order Status and History page. Input your order number where prompted as well as the last name of the shipped-to party, and the order status appears.

You are also able to check the status of an order by logging into your Lakeside account. You can log in from the Order Status and History page or the website homepage, and you need to input your user ID and password.

The Lakeside Collection company is a retail establishment that sells a variety of home decorating and appliance items. Register for an account with Lakeside, and shop directly from the website, or you can choose to shop from the catalogs. As of 2015, there are a number of different catalog collections to choose from, and when you choose this option, the current catalogs appear on the website so you can browse each one individually.

When shopping, you also have the option of choosing the quick order form method if you already know the item number assigned to the merchandise you want. You can also search the website by item number as well as browse the different categories of merchandise from the website homepage.