How Do You Check the General Electric Daily Stock Quotes?

The daily quote for General Electric stock is available from a variety of online sources, including the GE website, the New York Stock Exchange and the Nasdaq websites, and the websites of financial publications such as CNN Money. Along with the quote, each website includes the time the price was last updated and links to other stock information, such as historical prices, market charts and dividend payments dates and amounts.

During trading hours, real-time quotes for GE stock are available on the Nasdaq and CNN Money websites, while the quote available on the GE and NYSE sites is delayed by approximately 15 minutes.

Current or potential GE investors are able to use the GE, NYSE, Nasdaq and CNN Money sites to research various aspects of a GE investment. The GE site enables users to compare the company's stock against market performance or the performance of other stocks and permits investors to gauge performance by analytics such as moving averages and other indicators. The NYSE site includes a link to Securities and Exchange Commission filings, and the NASDAQ site provides links to analyst reports and estimates of future GE stock performance. The CNN Money site provides links to current press coverage of GE, both in the news and in releases from the company.