How Do You Check Dow Stock Quotes?


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Information on past trends and the current level of the Dow Jones Industrial Average is available on websites of financial news outlets including Bloomberg Business and the Consumer News and Business Channel, or CNBC. Stock quotes for the Dow Chemical Company are available on the Motley Fool and other websites.

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The Dow Jones Industrial Average is a price-weighted index of 30 blue-chip stocks that are actively traded on the New York Stock Exchange, states Nasdaq. Colloquially referred to as the Dow, the index is the most famous of all stock indices in the United States. The Dow acts as an overarching indicator of the performance of large U.S. companies.

The current level of the Dow is calculated by combining prices of the 30 stocks in the index and dividing the result with a number known as a divisor, explains the Business News Daily. The divisor is altered to account for random changes, such as stock splits, in companies that compose the index. Because the Dow is price-weighted, costly stocks have greater impact than their cheaper counterparts.

The Dow was founded by an editor of the Wall Street Journal, Charles Dow, and a statistician, Edward Jones, in 1896, states the Business News Daily. In the initial years of operation, the index was composed of 12 stocks and acted as a barometer of the industrial sector. Currently, editors at the Wall Street Journal determine the composition of the index.

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